Thursday, January 2, 2014


Dear Ones, I am delighted to welcome you to my blog. I am deeply honored and feel privileged to have been recently chosen as a Disciple, Divine Channel and Worldwide Representative of Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha.

Through this blog I am sharing my life journey - my soul came into this life knowing its purpose very strongly and from the very beginning, my soul knew what it wanted. I was guided to study deeply with spiritual teachers and masters from various places in India. Healing and serving people to transform their lives always brought me a deep sense of fulfillment.

I chose to become a healer while being surrounded by doctors in my family and this hasn't always been an easy path, but it was a very easy choice because for me, there was never anything else more appealing to my soul. As a healer I studied many wonderful modalities and although I enjoyed great success in healing people, there have been instances where the healing worked well for awhile but the pain or disease returned after a few months or years. I could never understand WHY? until I met my most beloved spiritual father Dr and Master Sha.

Everything Master Sha taught about karma connected on the deepest levels with my soul. I can never thank Dr. and Master Sha enough for teaching me sacred wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques that have transformed not just my life but my soul forever. My physical journey and soul journey have changed beyond comprehension and I have grown beyond any imagination. From a healer to a divine healer my journey, my experiences of the power of Divine Healing Hands and the various other downloads of Master Sha along with the latest Source Ling Guang calligraphies is what you can look forward to in this blog.

Being a Disciple and Divine Channel of Master Sha's is a honor I can never bow down enough and be thankful for,  all I can do is serve all souls with all my heart and soul. I look forward to serving each of you.

Love and Blessings
Master Prince

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