About Sha's Golden Healing Ball

What is Sha's Golden Healing Ball ??

On the morning of December 7, 1995, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Master Sha received a message from the Divine as He was meditating.

The Divine said to Master Sha, " I have created a spiritual gift--a golden healing ball to serve the universe in the 21st century.

I give this gift to you first, but it is not for you alone. it is my gift to all.

Because of your commitment to serving people through your healing work, I have entrusted this gift to you and named it "Sha's Golden Healing Ball'

I choose you, Zhi Gang Sha, to share this Gift with people everywhere.

Tell the world that a healing ball exists in the heavens and the spiritual world. Tell people everywhere that it belongs to everyone who believes in it, who has faith, who has trust, and who is willing to use it. Healing will come to those who call upon this ball.

Spread the message of Sha's Golden Healing ball to people everywhere.

Extremely humbled and honored, Master Sha bowed 108 times before the Divine and the Soul World, affirming his appreciation and acceptance of this great gift which has been bestowed on him.

Thank you for making me the messenger of this great gift.

Thank You. Thank you. Thank You.

What is the power and significance of Sha's Golden healing Ball ??

Sha's Golden Healing Ball is one of the most powerful tools ever bestowed by Heaven.

A divine being, Sha's Golden Healing Ball sees all and knows all. It knows every secret in the universe, including your soul's innermost desires. It can read your mind, your body, and your motives. It knows what is and what will be.

Sha's Golden Healing Ball provides soul healing instantly on all levels --
# physical,
# emotional,
# mental,
# spiritual,
to all who request it to come to them.

The uses of Sha's Golden Healing Ball are endless. Its healing power works on # humans,
# animals,
# plants,
# inanimate objects;
# unbalanced emotions,
# negative mindsets,
# ego, and
# relationships;
# on groups and nations;and for the benefit of good causes,
# Mother Earth,
# galaxies, all universes,and all souls.
Sha's Golden Healing Ball can heal virtually everything.

Using Sha's Golden Healing Ball will help you to
# relieve pain,
# develop more energy,
# boost your immune system,
# balance your emotions,
# improve your health, and
# improve the quality of your life.

How much healing and blessing you receive through your use of Sha's Golden healing Ball depends on your faith in it, your belief in its healing powers, the use of proper techniques, and your personal virtue, which is the record of your services in all your lifetimes.

Honor Sha's Golden Healing Ball and use it with the noblest intent and it will serve you well and in every aspect of your life.

How to use this incredible Gift, using the 4 power technique will be shared in the next post.


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